About us

summy enables companies to launch data driven video ads in order to make the best video ads for their targets and audiences. Our software, built in-house by our team of experts, enables companies to automate their video creation and optimization, while learning from insights what is working.

Our values

Keep on learning

Though we are not in school, we never stop learning. We try to learn from each other in the team as much as possible and from people outside the company by attending events and workshops.

Respect each other

As we keep on learning, we also keep on making mistakes. For us, making mistakes is a crucial part of making progress. At summy, everyone is welcome, and we invest time and effort to make sure everyone feels like it. Sometimes this means that we need to have conversations about uncomfortable topics, and that we might have to stumble and start again. This way we grow, as individuals and as a team.

Time to relax

In order to have moments of focus, we create moments to relax. Besides our Nintendo Switch for Friday afternoons, we have created multiple spots in the office where you can sit and take some time off from your desk. Oh, and we love plants, it brings positive energy to the office.

To be launched in Q3 2022

We are already opening early access to marketers who want to be at the forefront of Ad Tech innovation.